Install EF Tools

Please verify that you have Entity Framework Core .NET Command-line Tools installed by running the following command:

dotnet ef

The output should look like the following:

               ---==/    \\
         ___  ___   |.    \|\
        | __|| __|  |  )   \\\
        | _| | _|   \_/ |  //|\\
        |___||_|       /   \\\/\\

Entity Framework Core .NET Command-line Tools 5.0.4

Usage: dotnet ef [options] [command]

  --version        Show version information
  -h|--help        Show help information
  -v|--verbose     Show verbose output.
  --no-color       Don't colorize output.
  --prefix-output  Prefix output with level.

  database    Commands to manage the database.
  dbcontext   Commands to manage DbContext types.
  migrations  Commands to manage migrations.

Use "dotnet ef [command] --help" for more information about a command.

If you get an error running dotnet ef command, it means that you do not have EF tools installed. In order to install EF tools, run the following command:

dotnet tool install --global dotnet-ef