Modernization Workshop


In this workshop you are going to take existing .NET Core local web application and modernize and migrate it to AWS.

This is .NET developer oriented workshop and you are going to heavily use AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) in order to deploy all pieces of your infrastructure.

In the course of the workshop you are going to do the following:

  • Learn the basics of AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)
  • Setup Amazon RDS SQL Server using CDK .NET
  • Setup .NET Core to use AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store
  • Build and run application locally
  • Setup Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL using CDK .NET
  • Update application code to switch from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
  • Add support for .NET Core Data Protection Provider
  • Add Docker support to the application, build and run as container locally
  • Create AWS CodeCommit code repository using CDK .NET
  • Setup CI/CD pipeline with AWS CodePipeline using CDK .NET
  • Deploy containerized application to Amazon ECS using CDK .NET

What’s new

  • 2021-03-29 Updated code and repositories to use main as branch name
  • 2021-03-30 Updated all content to align with CDK version 1.95.1